Kemetic Konnections

The following links are recommended for the further study of Kemetic Orthodoxy,
Egyptology, hieroglyphics... or just for fun!

Click on above for information relating to the practice
of the ancient Egyptian religion called Kemetic Orthodoxy.

Member Sites:

The Domain of Hethert: A lovely and expansive virtual shrine to Hethert (Hathor) by Her daughter and priest, Rev. Neferuhethert. Many scholarly references about the Golden One and Her holidays may be found here, along with info on other Kemetic celebrations, hieroglyphs, a children's section and purchase sites for unique ujdat (Eye of Horus) bumper decals and galabayas (Egyptian caftans).

Grave Moss and Stars: A website blog devoted to Nebt-het (Nepthys), Het-hert (Hathor)-Nut, Ma'ahes, Serqet (Selket), Wepwawet and Sekhmet.

Mythic Curios: Kemetic arts and crafts.

Atropa Co.: Natural stone healing and power jewelry.


Other Egyptian-Related Sites: A fun and relatively easy way to get started in the study of hieroglyphics. Fonts available to download!

The Isis Ancient Cultures Society: Founded by Roy and Karen Tate who established the Isis Temple of Thanksgiving in their home in Venice, CA. IACRS is devoted to the concept of reviving the worship of the Divine Feminine, and sponsors many activities and workshops throughout the year including their annual Isidis Navigatum, the re-creation of an ancient annual spring festival called the Ploiaphesia or Launching of the Ships.

Neferchichi's Tomb: An entertaining site featuring the indomitable and adorable Neferchichi (a pharaonic chihuahua), who hosts a considerable array of fun stuff to buy with an Egyptian theme. Also, graphics and fonts available for the public domain.

Pharaonic Village: Step back in time—about 3,000 years or so—and visit the site created by Dr. Hassan Ragab and his son on the outskirts of Cairo: an exact replica of an ancient Egyptian village. Twenty years in the making, it has been described as "the most precise living recreation of the golden days of Pharaonic Egypt."

The Plateau: Home site of Dr. Zahi Hawass, Director of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities. A good way to keep up with the latest archaeological discoveries in Egypt.

The Witches' Voice: OK, it's not really Egyptian... but it's a great Pagan networking site, featuring informative articles, local and worldwide contacts, personal listings and accounts, forums, and much more. It's attractive and professional, with friendly, helpful staff who actually respond to you in a timely manner.

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